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Founded in 1982, Union Communications provides communications services exclusively to trade unions. We are a nationally accredited media-buying agency and have placed advertising for many of Canada’s largest unions. From conception to completion, our services include advertising campaigns, print and electronic publications, websites and mobile apps, video, television and radio. Through the years we have made our mark in the labour movement with impactful campaigns and quick turnaround.

We are unionized ourselves: we understand and share the concerns of organized labour. Call or email us today to start a no-obligation discussion of your needs.

Featured Work

Building an Energy Future That Will Make Us All Proud

Building an Energy Future That Will Make Us All Proud

In light of global warming and the collapse of world oil prices, Canada faces critical energy challenges. To convey the importance of re-thinking our energy future with an eye to protecting workers in that sector as we transition to greener energy alternatives, Unifor called on Union Communications to produce a two-minute informational video aimed at the public. The result was a panoramic collection of video clips with a compelling voiceover that explains the key issues and challenges in the simplest and most straightforward terms.

Newsworthy content: 2019 Union Communications Reel

Newsworthy content: 2019 Union Communications Reel

At Union Communications we are often asked to produce content to convey our clients’ messages with clarity and force, be it through online videos, internal videos, or broadcast television commercials. The options are limitless, so we've put together this reel to show some examples of our past work and production capabilities. From animation to live action documentary shooting, from studio shooting with actors or real employees to full commercials with set design, props and actors, we create striking material that gets noticed and pushes our clients’ issues to the forefront.

GM Leaves Canadians Out in the Cold

GM Leaves Canadians Out in the Cold

When General Motors announced a plan to shut down their Oshawa Assembly Plant and set up shop in Mexico, nearly 3,000 loyal workers’ livelihoods were suddenly imperilled. Their union, Unifor, called on Union Communications to produce a series of TV ads urging Canadian consumers to boycott GM vehicles made in Mexico, in favour of Canadian-made products. The first of these ads, entitled “GM Leaves Canadians Out in the Cold,” aired during this year’s Super Bowl — the first Canadian union advertisement ever shown during that high-ratings broadcast.



Following up on Unifor’s Super Bowl spot, Union Communications created another nationally televised ad stressing the importance of Canadian jobs and calling on Canadians to boycott GM cars with Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) beginning with 3 — indicating those made in Mexico. Using film footage mixed with innovative animated graphics, the ad was influential in getting GM to sit down with Unifor and resume negotiations to save jobs in Oshawa.

New Brunswick Union

New Brunswick Union “We Need to Care”

When New Brunswick’s government floated the idea of privatizing some of its key public services, Union Communications was called upon by the New Brunswick Union to craft a television ad that stressed the importance of caring in the realm of public service, and the dangers of entrusting such services to private profit-seeking corporations. We sent our camera crew to various workplaces in the province to capture some of the union’s members on the job. With a voice-over by the NBU’s president, our editors created a warm and sincere message of trust in publicly run services.


NTV news report / Ball Freeze / Airport

Recently, CUPE approached us with an urgent request to create a series of TV ads to reach out to their members and the public as their negotiations were underway. Working with our client, we collaboratively developed the scripts, and then took charge on casting, filming, animation, editing, and media-buying. We were proud to deliver these top-quality commercials in record time — from brief to air in ten days. The campaign was so successful that it was worthy of an evening news story on NTV — bringing extra, no-cost coverage of CUPE’s concerns.

Dwight Ball’s Crossroads

Dwight Ball’s Crossroads

As a response to provincial plans to introduce austerity measures that would impact CUPE members and many other workers in Newfoundland and Labrador, we produced a commercial based on our client's idea of a board game that no working person can win. With eye-catching, originally-designed props and sets, and excellent performances from local ACTRA talents, we produced a top-quality TV ad at a cost far lower than a big, top-heavy agency would charge.

Our Members Speak Out

In preparation for CUPE’s upcoming negotiations with the government of Newfoundland and Labrador, we flew to St. John’s to hear rank-and-file CUPE members express their grassroots concerns in their own words. Our expert filmwork and editing skills resulted in a series of 30-second TV ads that made a big impact across the province with the simplest of concepts: real members, unscripted — genuine, honest, and compelling.

Design & Print

Since our inception in 1982 — before the days of digital — we've been leaders in print design for the union cause. From newspaper advertising to members' magazines, from billboards to leaflets, from annual calendars to strike-action picket signs — we've done it all, and still do. We recognize that often, the best way to keep up meaningful contact with your members is through hard-copy collateral that they can hold in their hands. Likewise, print ads and campaign hand-outs are often the best way to convey your message to the public at large. Call on us for compelling and effective print materials that build support and solidarity.

Opinion & Editorial

We have been very successful in helping our clients get their points of view across through letters to the editor and opinion articles in Canada's major newspapers. We have found that tightly-organized, strongly-written pieces are much in demand by editors throughout Canada. Our writing style and sense of what is newsworthy has helped us to publish articles and letters in the following newspapers, among others:

Vancouver Sun
The Province
Calgary Herald
Edmonton Journal
Toronto Star
The Hill Times
Ottawa Citizen
Charlottetown Guardian
Saint John Telegraph-Journal
St. John's Telegram

Use our expertise and experience to help your union get earned media worth potentially hundreds of thousand of dollars. It's an ideal supplement to an advertising or public relations campaign, and valuable in its own right.

Our Services

Creative development

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Making an impression on your audience requires cutting-edge design

Public & Member Relations

A key task for unions today is maintaining internal solidarity through regular communications with their members.


Our all-inclusive production service delivers visually compelling print and film materials while maintaining a focus on simplicity

Media buying & planning

As a fully accredited advertising agency, we handle your entire campaign from start to finish — from media buying through conception and production to the final result.

advertise with us.

Sometimes unions work with commercial advertising agencies that claim to be unionized, when their media buying services are not. We are fully unionized and we use industry standard pricing.

our Clients

Over our 35-year history, we have helped many unions and union organizations address their communications challenges. In the recent past, we are proud to have served the following:






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